Custom Cupcakes : Nurse’s Retirement

One of my best friends approached me last week to make her cupcakes for a special event, and upon requesting my services she told me that she wanted something really cool- not the everyday cupcake. Excited to do something different, of course I told her ” with pleasure.”

She explained that these little cakes were for a nurse’s retirement and that she wanted medical related decorations . My friend sent me a bunch of photos of what she had in mind, then I set to work.
Here are the results :


I made little prescription papers, heartbeats, stethoscopes, pills, band aids, and red crosses.

Customizing cupcakes like this really shows someone that you care- that you wanted to do something special above and beyond the everyday.

If you ever want to do something special for someone special, ask about customizing for your next dessert order.

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