Custom Desserts: Versatile Cake Pops

I love versatile desserts;desserts that suit every type of occasion.

Cake pops are such a dessert because simply changing the decorative items or tools, you can change their motif from playful, fun and cutesy to elegant and chic.

Here are some examples of cake pops which by employing different forms of decoration had very different themes.

Black and white themed pops for a bridal shower Photo by Jennifer Maliniak

Black and white themed pops for a bridal shower
Photo by Jennifer Maliniak

For the black and white pops, I used all chocolate piping for which I had to use tempered chocolate. This is a more advanced technique, and requires a little more skill and time, but the results are stunning- elegant and appropriate for the fanciest of events.

dot cake pops

Polka dot pops for 4 year old’s birthday party
Photo by Jennifer Maliniak

For the 4-year-old’s birthday, my client ( the child’s mother) had asked me to match the party invitation, so I had my source of inspiration( red, yellow and blue dots of different sized). Rather than using chocolate which would have requires a lot of time, I opted to use fondant to make the circles. Then I simple stuck them on with a little bit of egg white.

Cake Pops-Pink1

Pink, chocolate, and white pops for a baby shower
Photo by Jennifer Maliniak

Finally, for these baby shower pops, I used a combination of both forms of decor, and added a third; though it’s difficult to see in the photo, there are also pops that are dusted with luster dust ( edible shiny powder, by Wilton ).

While these pops used both of the previous decorations, the result is somewhere in between- not quite fancy, but also not childish. I think these are more cutesy.

Once you have mastered covering cake pops, the decoration options are endless.

With a little creativity, and a little know-how, you can make beautiful pops for any occasion.

Happy Baking

-Jennifer Maliniak

Chef and Owner Gateaux Maliniak

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