Gluten-Free Desserts

Please note that as we are not a gluten free establishment, despite our best efforts, contamination is always possible.
If you are severe celiac, or have a serious gluten allergy, please be advised that these products are not certified gluten free.

Cookies and Squares

Coconut Macaroons~ 2 dozen $15

Chocolate Walnut Cookies ~ 2 dozen $15

Chocolate Chip Cookies~ 2 dozen $18

Oatmeal Raisin or Oatmeal Date Cookies ~ 2 dozen $18

Chocolate Brownies~ 12 large squares $24

Chocolate Walnut Brownie Square~ 12 large squares $30

Bounty Bars:

brownie base, macaroon top, chocolate drizzle~ 12 large squares , or 24 smaller bars $30


Cakes and Tortes

Sticky Date cake with Bourbon glaze ~$35

Flourless Chocolate cake ~ $30

Chocolate Truffle cake with Sweet Nut Base ~ $45

 Chocolate Almond Torte ~ $35

Lemon Ricotta Torte ~ $35

Apple Walnut Torte ~ $35

Banana  Chocolate Chip Loaf ~ $10

New York Style Cheesecake with Almond Base~ $30

Cupcakes and Cakes

12 regular size cupcakes ~ $35

For cake pricing, please contact us.



Banana Chocolate Chip




Red Velvet




Apple Caramel

* Some of our gluten free cupcake can also be made dairy free and egg free.

Please let us know of any other dietary restrictions.