Honey is Pretty Sweet

Honey is a wonderful substitute for sugar for many reasons; In addition to having a complex flavor, it contains several types of sugars like fructose and glucose ( the natural sugars found in fruits), and also has medicinal benefits like anti-inflammatory and  anti-bacterial properties.

Intermiel is one of my favourite brands; it’s 100% Quebec honey, and is available at most of the farmers markets in many different size formats.

As to the types, there are many varieties of honey, such as wild flower, buckwheat, clover, and blueberry.

My personal favourite is blueberry honey because its a light tasting honey, like wild flower, but with a lovely finishing note of blueberry. It adds a nice nuance of flavor to baked goods.

If you are concerned about sugar, or if you want to try and jazz up an old recipe, try substituting your sugar with honey.

To find out how to replace your sugar with honey  click here.


Happy Monday! And Shana Tova to all my fellow Jewish people. Enjoy a sweet honey with some honey.



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