September Cupcake Tasting Party Review

This past Thursday, September 19, I hosted my third cupcake tasting party.

In case you are not familiar of what my parties entail, I offer guests a tasting plate of 6 cupcakes: some new or concept flavours and some staple classics.

For every party, I have also drawn upon a theme for the inspiration behind my new selection of cake offerings.

This round, my inspiration was fall and Canadian produce. Fall is definitely Quebec’s best season for food and I love using the best of what our crops have to offer.

Unlike past parties, this time the majority of my flavours were all new concepts.
Here’s what I made :
Sweet Potato Toffee:
Roasted and puréed sweet potato made the base for this cake. Filled with toffee glaze and iced with caramel buttercream .


Peanut Butter Jelly Time:
Homemade jam made with Quebec strawberries and rhubarb, layered in the middle of my peanut butter cake. Iced with vanilla buttercream.


Apple Almond: September’s Cupcake of the month:
Almond cake made with homemade apple sauce and filled with sliced quebec apples. Iced with cinnamon buttercream and garnished with a homemade apple chip.


The Bounty:
Completely gluten free: brownie bottom base, coconut macaroon cake top, glazed with dark chocolate ganache.


Rocky Road:
This was my only pre-existing flavour…but a house fav nonetheless.
German chocolate cake filled with chocolate chips and toasted walnuts, topped with meringue

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The Southern Belle

My classic vanilla cake filled with Ontario peaches that were sautéed in a caramel Bourbon sauce, topped with a Bourbon buttercream and drizzled with bourbon toffee glaze.


This party, I really wanted to put forth products that had layers of flavours, complexity and dynamic elements;
Almost every cake involved a base or separate element.
I noticed the subtle enhancements these base elements provided, and based on the feedback I think my guests appreciated the difference too.

I look forward to adding these new flavours to my menu and seeing what others think.

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